Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

Let’s say you are about to clean your dishes and you wish to do it the best way; possibly environment friendly. Will you choose an energy efficient dishwasher or wash dishes by hands? Though the question seems to be simple, it is more difficult to answer. Some times just because every household has a dishwasher, it doesn’t mean you have to purchase one. There are lot of question to ask yourself before you consider buying a dishwasher to you.

Over one in five UK household now has an automatic dishwasher. Each year, more and more people are discovering the benefit of owning one. The biggest benefit is cleaner and more hygienic dishes and time consuming. There are dishwasher in market to suit different lifestyle with varying degrees of installation and portable requirement. Hence before you shop, know exactly what type of dishwashers would suit to fit perfectly in your home and offer years of convenience.

Built in Under Counter Dishwashers

The built in installed dishwashers give you best convenience while operating, being permanently located for easy access. Since there is no connection to the spigot, the kitchen sink can be used for other purpose when the dish washer is running. Holding a standard width of 24 inches and compact ones with 18 inches, the counter dishwasher demand a fair size cupboard for installation. The 8 inch cupboard space left under counter serves the purpose of storing trays, cookie sheets, muffin tins and other utilities. Mind it, the permanently installed dish washer is expected to remain with home and hence not advisable for rental apartments or home.

ifb neptune dishwasher Drawer Dishwashers

So called dish drawers are non traditional units, seems to be quiet pricey but if can afford, can give you the most convenience. Drawer dishwashers come in two styles – single drawer or double drawer. The biggest benefit is convenience, you can run one or both drawer each independent of the other. When it comes to energy saving, they are the best, as you can run smaller loads when you need. You can find features and wash cycle as in most high end dishwashers.

Portable Free Standing Dishwashers

For those who relocate often or apartment dweller, the portable dishwashers are a great option. They demand parking space in your kitchen and holds simple user friendly operations. To run the unit you will have to move it to the kitchen sink. They offer the same features and facilities as that of the built in counter dishwashers and additionally provides counter workspace.

Countertop Dishwashers

The most economical of all the models, requiring a stand or counter to locate them to the sink. Dishes can be either be heat, air or hand dried. They are inadequate for large families as the capacity is low( larger models are also available). Dishwasher are becoming a must-have kitchen appliance for its economical price, energy and time saving. The only thing at your part is to choose the right unit to fit your home and lifestyle.

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